MyCareerMatch Personalised Career Assessments Guide Students On Their Journey To A Successful Career  

Join the thousands of students and schools around the world using MyCareerMatch, the leading online career assessment that helps students discover their own personality and perfect career. Designed specifically for students in India and South Asia, MyCareerMatch provides a unique psychometric approach to career choices, a guide for parents to better understand their child, and ultimate employment options for each student.


MyCareerMatch was founded in 2008 in Sydney, Australia and is now a global company helping students and job seekers in over 15 countries.


Over 2000 schools, colleges and Universities use MyCareerMatch as their ‘go-to’ career assessment to help students with their career and education choices.


Over a million students have taken the MyCareerMatch Assessment to discover their perfect career.

Discover Your Best Suited Career. Be Exceptionally Successful In Life  

MyCareerMatch GOLD is a powerful online career assessment that matches a student's personality style and aptitude to careers that are a best fit for them.

High tech, low cost and incredible value; MyCareerMatch GOLD Career Assessments are designed by behavioural psychologists, psychometrics experts, career counsellors, employers and universities, and are continually updated with the latest employment trends and future job opportunities.

MyCareerMatch GOLD Career Assessment Package comprises 5 personalised reports. 

Every student receives the following reports, with copies emailed to their teachers/counsellors and their parents:

  • A MyCareerMatch Personality Profile with their strengths, aptitudes and talents
  • A Career Profile with Top 5 Careers + 40 others that are a good match 
  • A Student Workbook to help students reinforce the connection between personality and career choices
  • A Personalised Study Guide with professional advice on the best ways to study for each personality type
  • A Parent Guide that delivers relevant and contextual content about how to motivate, encourage and inspire each child based on their personality strengths

Discover. Educate. Succeed.

Our goal is to give students the confidence to pursue the opportunities they desire. MyCareerMatch will help them discover the right career options, recognise their strengths, and improve their performance prospects in today's competitive world.


Discover your perfect career. Gain an understanding of your personality, strengths, and talents. Choose a career that’s right for you. Fulfil your dreams and lead a successful and happy life.



MyCareerMatch specifically addresses the career aspirations of Indian and South Asian students and their parents. It motivates and excites students about their strengths and talents and recommends careers that best match each student. Volume packaged prices are available for Schools, Colleges and Universities.



Parents usually know best! Discover why MyCareerMatch will help your child develop confidence and make the right career decisions with your help and guidance. This improves their future employment opportunities.


Product Endorsement Is A Priceless Asset And One We Value Highly

Our clients and parents love what we do. But don’t take our word for it – read about our track record from those who know best.

"I commend the work MyCareerMatch is doing in relation to providing career advice to students. It is my view that good quality career advice is imperative in ensuring students follow the career path that is right for them."

The Hon Sussan Ley MP,
 Assistance Minister of Education, Federal Government of Australia


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