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MyCareerMatch was founded in 2008 by Nathan Chanesman and a team of behavioural psychologists, psychometric experts and careers counsellors, and has quickly become a world leader in personality and psychometric assessments for student career guidance and planning.

From humble beginnings in recruitment software (helping employers find the right person for the job), we’ve developed into one of the largest student career assessment companies in the world. Because we believe the right career decisions are made early in life. Our student career assessments are used by thousands of Schools, Teachers, Counsellors, Colleges, Universities, Skills Training Organisations, Online Education Providers, Youth Services, Professional Associations and Apprenticeship Trainers in more than 15 countries.

Product Endorsement Is A Priceless Asset And One We Value Highly

Our clients love what we do. But don’t take our word for it – read about our track record from those who know best.

"I commend the work MyCareerMatch is doing in relation to providing career advice to students. It is my view that good quality career advice is imperative in ensuring students follow the career path that is right for them."

The Hon Sussan Ley MP
Assistant Minister for Education
Federal Government of Australia

"This really is a great resource! The MyCareerMatch assessment is increasingly becoming my ‘go to’ tool in my career pathways counselling. The thing that makes this resource stand out for me is its simplicity and accuracy. I can hand this out to my students during a counselling session and have complete confidence that questions are quick, simple and easy to follow. The fact that I receive a copy of the student report is paramount to me also as it allows me to use my counselling time more effectively. It’s a fantastic resource and I wouldn’t be without it!!"

Josie Alban Career Counsellor | VET Employment Pathways Trainer
Catholic Regional College, Australia

"MyCareerMatch is a resource that is very easy to administer; extremely easy for students to read and understand, and completed in 15 minutes with results delivered immediately. The student profiles are emailed to the students and careers advisor instantly and I use the profiles with students to learn more about their strengths/interests and to explore suggested careers during targeted careers planning class time and during conversations with students.

The reports have been used by subject teachers who would like to know more about the skills and traits of students they teach, allowing more personalised learning programs to be developed. Parents also value the information provided in the reports and I find they allow the parent to actively involve themselves in the valuable career conversations, in addition to having a tangible document that can be referred to time again.

Affordability is a huge plus for many schools where funds for resources are minimal and being part of the MyCareerMatch community, provides access to newsletters and latest Careers research, which allows for the careers practitioner to broaden their knowledge and keep current. A terrific resource that I highly recommend"

Thea Kamvissis, Careers Counsellor
 Box Hill High School, Australia

"We have found MyCareerMatch and Discover Me to be invaluable engagement tools, allowing us to provide meaningful insight to young people that is personal, and relates directly to their needs. Teachers, careers advisors and students themselves respond very positively, often commenting that the tools give them unique insight into their future choices and personality."

Timothy S. Whittlesea, Student Outreach Manager,
Middlesex University, London UK

"As there is only me as a Careers Advisor with 1500+ on the roll I was looking for a career tool that would help our students "peel the onion" so to speak of themselves so they could find words that would help them articulate who they were. MyCareerMatch does the job and is an exciting, time saving, multi-task career tool - thank you Nathan".

Lorraine Jackson, Careers Counsellor
Onehunga High School, Auckland, New Zealand

"MyCareerMatch is everything I thought it would be. Students feel empowered and have more confidence to research and set career goals. As a tool for Careers Counsellors it is extremely effective, providing an extensive analysis which makes counselling sessions more real and positive".

Robyn Elks, Senior Careers Counsellor
St Clair High School, Australia

"I used MyCareerMatch last week with year 10 classes. The common comment was "this is so me". They enjoyed the fact that it was totally individualized to them. Students then planned their option choices for next and the following years. Students took their reports home to show their parents. Comments from students included:

Solomon – "it was really interesting. I showed my parents and they thought it was cool. Started the day wanting to be an engineer but now I want to be an entrepreneur and an engineer! And I have more info than I had before."
Natasha - "good as it was what I wanted to be, but also gave me some ideas I had not thought of. My parents said it was great. It inspired me to find out more information about my career."
Danika – "really helpful and accurate. I showed it to my parents and we talked about it. It clarified my ideas and inspired me to carry on with what I had wanted to do".

Julie Scelly, Careers Counsellor,
 Te Kauwhata College, Auckland, New Zealand

"I have used MyCareerMatch as a career development resource with Year 10 – 12 students for eight years. Having worked with a number of on-line profiles, MyCareerMatch is my preferred choice, offering me a tool that is cost effective and empowering. MyCareerMatch can help steer students towards career pathways that suit them, or at least work as a conversation starter between students, Counsellors, teachers and their parents. MyCareerMatch is a strength-based profile (with engaging visuals) that serves to build confidence whilst helping students imagine their future of career success. 

From start to finish (including print out copy), this program can be delivered in one class module. I believe the program offers value for money and I have seen the evidence of its success as a career exploration tool".

Monica Magann, Careers Counsellor,
Prince Alfred College, Adelaide, South Australia


About Nathan Chanesman, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, MyCareerMatch

Dedicated to helping young people find a rewarding career and succeed in life, Nathan Chanesman is a leading expert on career management, employment, psychometrics and personality styles. He is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the MyProfile Group that includes MyCareerMatch, MyResume, and JobProfile… leaders in online psychometric assessments for careers, recruitment and resumes.

"Teachers and School Careers Counsellors find MyCareerMatch inspirational and empowering. The Career Reports deliver to young people knowledge of themselves, their career and study choices and the valuable contribution they can make. It encourages students to aspire to higher or further education to achieve their career goals," says Nathan.

Nathan is author of ‘Take Control of Your Career … Get The Right Job For You’’; ‘Whatever I do I’m Gonna ROCK! ...Helping Students Make The Right Career Choice"; ‘How to Write a Resume That ROCKS!; and ‘Introduction to Personality and Behavioural Analysis Training Programs’. His audio CDs include "What Is The Perfect Career for You’; ‘Discover your Unique Personality Style’; and ‘Learn the Psychology of Selling More’. His latest project is the establishment of the MyCareerMatch Certification Academy


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