Frequently Asked Questions.
Everything You Need To Know About MyCareerMatch

Q. What is MyCareerMatch GOLD?
A. MyCareerMatch GOLD is a psychometric personality assessment that helps students choose a career path that matches their natural strengths and talents. MyCareerMatch GOLD adds a holistic view of potential opportunities and career pathways and includes a Personality Strengths Profile, Top 5 Careers + 40 others to consider, A Student Workbook, A Study Guide and a Parent Guide.

Q. On what is My Career Match based?
A. Based on the theories of personality types and proven behavioural assessments. MyCareerMatch personality test is based on the premise that there are four basic personality types: Drivers, Promoters, Supporters and Analysers. Most people have both a dominant and a secondary personality type, and this particular combination to a large extent determines how a person behaves, what their aptitude is, and what career environments they will thrive in. 

Q. How does MyCareerMatch work?
A. MyCareerMatch uses the same assessment tools Fortune 500 companies use to find the right person for the job. The questionnaire is divided into 32 groups of questions. Each group consists of four statements; students select one that is MOST like them and one that is LEAST like them. The questionnaire takes 15 minutes to complete and students can download their reports immediately. Copies are also sent by email to students, counsellors and parents. 

Q. Is MyCareerMatch test valid and reliable?
A. MyCareerMatch has undergone extensive reliability and validity testing and has demonstrated a high level of accuracy in assessing and defining different personality types and behavioural styles, and reliably predicting individual behaviours and traits. Validity studies are conducted to measure whether the instrument is really testing what it says it is testing (personality strengths) and it does. Reliability relates to scores. Reliability studies measure whether or not you get the same scored each time the study is conducted. MyCareerMatch is both valid and reliable. 

Q. Does My Career Match work across different cultures and countries?
A. Yes it does. MyCareerMatch does not require information on nationality, gender, race or religion. The tool measures responses to questions that determine behavioural styles. MyCareerMatch GOLD Assessment has been designed for Indian and South Asian students with an emphasis on relevant careers and professions that will continue to be in high demand.

Q. Who is using MyCareerMatch?
A. Over 2000 schools, universities, career counsellors, teachers, technical colleges, apprenticeship centres, skills training organisations, education agencies, and online course providers worldwide. 

Q. What ages do you recommend?
A. Secondary Schools Grade 9 – 12 (14 years and older)

Q. Do you offer a free trial?
A. Yes. We offer one complimentary free trial for Schools or Counsellors to test MyCareerMatch. Please complete a Free Trial Form. Your free trial application will be processed within 24 hours and we’ll send you instructions for your trial.

What Do Schools, Students And Parents Receive?

A. Students receive 5 reports. Parents, Teachers and/or Counsellors also receive a copy.

1. A Personality Profile for each individual student with an analysis of his or her unique strengths, talents and aptitudes. Included in the profile are the things they like to do; what they’re good at; what we admire about them; how they can make a difference, and self-improvement tips. Students can also use the content from this profile to create a resume or CV.

2. A Career Profile which highlights the student’s Top 5 Careers + 40 others that are a good match for them. It includes a Career Personality Map, jobs and employment trends of the future, their ideal job environment and new entrepreneurial opportunities and jobs involving STEM, IT and business.

3. A Study Guide that helps students to understand how their personality reflects the way they like to learn…because we all learn differently. The Study Guide also includes sections on Goal Setting, Managing time, Staying Motivated, Managing Stress, and how the right tutor can help you achieve your study goals.

4. A Parent Guide - because we believe that parents have an integral role to play in their child’s future. We encourage parents to be involved in career decisions and that’s why we provide a Parent Guide for each child (this Guide is emailed to each parent automatically as part of the program).

5. A Student Workbook for follow up activity to be completed after they have received their MyCareerMatch reports. The Workbook is MS Word document downloaded by the student from a link sent with their report email.

Using MyCareerMatch

Q. Access
A. MyCareerMatch is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by any computer or device connected to the Internet.

Q. Does MyCareerMatch require special software to use?
No, MyCareerMatch uses the Internet and no special software is required. To read their reports students require a PDF Reader installed on their device. This is available free to download from ADOBE.

Q. How do I know how many reports I have left to use?
A. There is a School Activity Dashboard on the MyCareerMatch website for Teachers and Counsellors to login and see the status of their reports and how many they have left. When you become a client we will give you a login and instructions.

Q. Is the school identified on the report?
A. The school has its name and school crest on the cover of reports as well as the student’s name. MyCareerMatch requires you to supply an image of school crest at the time you sign up for an account if you wish this to be on the cover of the reports.

Q. Can my class all do at the same time?
A. We don’t have a limit on the number of students accessing MyCareerMatch at the one time. Sometimes issues occur if your WiFi network does not provide sufficient coverage. In this case we recommend you limit the number to 200 or less.

Q. Can students do MyCareerMatch assessment from home?
A. Yes, students can access from any computer or mobile device connected to the Internet.

Q. How long does it take to complete the test and receive the report?
A. Most students complete in 10 -15 minutes. Reports are emailed immediately and usually arrive in less than 5 minutes. There is an additional option for students to download their reports after completing and saving to their device.

Q. What happens if a student enters an incorrect email address?
A. The report will not be delivered to the student and they will need to get a copy from their school or do the questionnaire again.

Q. Does the school get a copy?
Copies of each student’s reports are emailed to the Career Counsellor or teacher. Copies can always be downloaded from the school’s MyCareerMatch Activity Dashboard on the website.

Q. Do you have a hardcopy of the questionnaire?
A. Yes. Please contact us for a hardcopy. The paper-based questionnaire is helpful for students who don’t have access to a computer or are not fully conversant with English to answer online. In which case you can assist the student and on completion enter their answers online for them.

Q. Do I need to be certified or accredited?
A. Assessments are self-administered and there is sufficient explanatory information in each MyCareerMatch report so you do not need to be accredited. However, we have created The MyCareerMatch Academy for Counsellors and Teachers who wish to become Certified MyCareerMatch Practitioners.

School Activity Page

Q. How do we know how many students have completed the questionnaire?
A. Each school has its own unique School Activity Dashboard on the MyCareerMatch website when they become a client school. We provide Teachers and Counsellors an access link to view students who have completed their MyCareerMatch Report. You can sort by Name, Date, Class Year and Profile Type. Teachers can track the number of reports used and remaining and if required, download a copy of a completed student report.

Q. What happens if I lose my School Code and login details?
Please contact us with your school name and details and we will send you your School Code.

How Do We Get Started?

Q. How much does it cost?
A. Prices vary per country. Please complete the School Purchase Form and we will contact you with prices for your country. MyCareerMatch is priced to be affordable for schools. Discounted prices are dependant on volume.

Q. Are there any other costs?
A. No, you pay per student. There are no ongoing fees or charges.

Q. Is there a minimum purchase?
A. Yes, the minimum purchase is 100 students.

Q. How do we order?
A. Once you’ve completed the School Purchase Form we will be in contact by email to confirm your details, the amount of school codes you require and payment details. We will also need you to send us an image of the school crest for the cover of student reports. It takes about 24 hours to set up your account once payment is received. We will email your Access Code details and How To Use training information once your account is set up.

Q. How do we pay?
A. Payment is made by direct deposit into a Myprofile India bank account. We will email you the account details once you have completed the School Purchase form. You can also pay by credit card.

Q. How long do I have to use my reports?
A. Reports expire when all reports purchased are used or after 12 months from date of purchase.

Q. Can I buy more and top up?
A. Yes, you can purchase additional reports at any time, Contact Us or access your online School Activity Page and select “Order More”.

Technical Support

Once you have set up your account, contact your school IT administrator. It’s important that you speak with the person responsible for managing your school’s computer network and let them know what you will be doing.

Two things are necessary. must be added as a trusted approved site so that students can log on without being blocked by the school’s networks security setting and secondly students will be receiving email from and this address needs to be white-listed and not filtered as spam.

If you want students to receive their reports immediately, that is during a class period, let the IT manager know, some school servers only check for incoming mail every 30 mins. Also advise the IT manager to expect a large number of emails to arrive, one for each report completed and possibly in a short span of time.

Q. Do I need special software to do assessments or read reports?
A. Reports are sent in PDF format. You must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. If you don't have this software it is available for free and you can download a copy from

Q. If anything's not right or if I want more information who do I contact?
You can contact us at any time. We provide ongoing free email and telephone support. Send an email to and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can.

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