Parents Have High Expectations About Their Children’s Education And Careers

According to a recent HSBC study on the hopes and expectations of parents about their children’s education, the most important goal that Indian and South Asian parents have for their children is that they build successful careers in their adult life.

Many parents wished to see their children’s school career education program teach them the significance of learning and working, help them understand their own individuality and aptitude, and help them acquire moral values and manners required as working adults.

Parents will immediately recognise the qualities of their children in the MyCareerMatch reports and will be able to have meaningful conversations with their children about their education and future career. MyCareerMatch broadens the career possibilities that they might consider for their children and with changes and technologies parents can be up with the latest information on careers of the future.


If Your Child’s School Does Not Provide MyCareerMatch, You Can Buy Directly From Us

MyCareerMatch GOLD is a powerful career assessment that matches a student's personality style and aptitude to careers that are a best fit for them. High tech, low cost and incredible value; MyCareerMatch GOLD Career Assessments are designed by behavioural psychologists, psychometrics experts, career counsellors, employers and universities, and are continually updated with the latest employment trends and future job opportunities.

MyCareerMatch GOLD Career Assessment Package comprises 5 personalised reports focused on helping students achieve a successful career.

Every child receives:

  • A MyCareerMatch Personality Profile with their strengths, aptitudes and talents
  • A Student Workbook to help students reinforce the connection between their personality styles and careers that match 
  • A Career Profile with Top 5 Careers + 40 others that are a good match A Personalised Study Guide with professional advice on the best ways to study 
  • A Parent Guide that delivers relevant and contextual content about how to motivate, encourage and inspire your child to succeed

MyCareerMatch uses the science of maximizing human potential and self-knowledge by developing students to become great at what they're naturally good at.



Grandparents Love To Help Their Grandchildren With Careers, Life And Education 

"My message, especially to young people is to have courage to think differently; courage to invent, to travel the unexplored path, courage to discover the impossible and to conquer the problems and succeed. These are great qualities that they must work towards. This is my message to the young people". A.O.J. Abdul Kalam

Every relationship in life is subject to change but not the love between grandparents and their grandchildren. In fact the bond between the two only evolves and strengthens with time and age. Always eager to pass on the wisdom that comes with experience, Grandparents are often a calming factor and the pillar of support in a child’s life.

And as the years pass, it is also the grandparents who are there to listen to the dreams and aspirations of their grandchildren, and to support and encourage them to be the best they can be and succeed in their career and in their lives.

Help your grandchildren with a gift for their future success.


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