Purchase MyCareerMatch And Help Your Children Discover Their Perfect Career

MyCareerMatch helps students discover the right career, know their personality strengths and talents, and improve their employability. MyCareerMatch is online and compatible with all devices and browsers.

Every student receives:

  • A MyCareerMatch Personality Profile with their strengths, aptitudes and talents 
  • A Career Profile with their Top 5 Careers + 40 others that are a good match 
  • A Student Workbook to help students reinforce the connection between personality and career choices 
  • A Personalised Study Guide with professional advice on the best ways to study 
  • A Parent Guide that delivers relevant and contextual content about how to motivate, encourage and inspire each child to succeed

How To Purchase

You'll need to purchase a coupon code (below) to gain access for your children to do the online questionnaire and receive their MyCareerMatch reports. After you purchase your coupons you receive your access codes immediately by email together with instructions on How To Use MyCareerMatch, and your receipt. Your Access code(s) will also appear on the screen.


Your privacy is important to us. We do not retain credit card details or personal information. MyCareerMatch uses a secure third party credit card provider, eWay, to process all payments. You can purchase safely using AMEX, VISA, MASTERCARD or DINERS credit cards. You can purchase your coupons now and use later, and all coupons are transferable to anyone you choose. Price quoted and payment transaction is in Australian Dollars (A$).

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