MyCareerMatch Develops And Engages Students, Helping Them Prepare for Their Future

Designed specifically for students in India and South Asia, MyCareerMatch GOLD provides a unique psychometric and scientific approach to career choices and employment options for each student. MyCareerMatch uses the science of maximizing human potential and self-knowledge by developing students to become great at what they're naturally good at. 

MyCareerMatch motivates and excites students about their strengths and talents and recommends careers that best match each student. MyCareerMatch can also help students figure out which stream and subject combinations align with their ambitions and aspirations. 

Completely different to other career assessment tools available, MyCareerMatch is specially designed to provide Career Counsellors and Teachers easy access through the MyCareerMatch Dashboard, to career data about each student, including their personality type, strengths and suggested careers. They can retrieve missing reports and identify students most in need of career counselling. Schools can also review reports purchased, monitor their use, and automatically order online when they run out.


What Do Students Get With The MyCareerMatch GOLD Program?

MyCareerMatch GOLD is a powerful online career assessment that matches a student's personality style and aptitude to careers that are a best fit for them. The GOLD Career Assessment Package comprises 4 personalised reports PLUS a Student Workbook focused on helping students make the best-fit decisions about their careers.

MyCareerMatch GOLD Career Assessments are designed by behavioural psychologists, psychometrics experts, career counsellors, employers and universities, and are continually updated with the latest employment trends and future job opportunities.

Every student receives:

  • A MyCareerMatch Personality Profile with their strengths, aptitudes and talents
  • A Student Workbook to help reinforce the connection between personality and career choices
  • A Career Profile with Top 5 Careers + 40 others that are a good match
  • A Personalised Study Guide with professional advice on the best ways to study
  • A Parent Guide that delivers relevant and contextual content about how to motivate, encourage and inspire each child to succeed

Students LOVE to receive their MyCareerMatch reports … they talk, engage, ask and share. They receive encouraging and insightful information about themselves, which can help start positive conversations at home and school about their future careers and education options.


Get The Best Career Assessments At Discounted Prices For Your School

We offer substantial discounts for schools, colleges and universities. Schools can on-sell MyCareerMatch to parents if they wish, and generate income. They may wish to incorporate it as part of a counselling package or as a stand-alone tool. MyCareerMatch introduces online career technology customised and personalised for each student.

Online access 24/7 from home or school, the assessment takes 15 minutes to complete with immediate download of reports to students and the school. The whole class can do at once.

Teachers will find MyCareerMatch motivates and excites students arousing their natural curiosity about themselves and what they are good at, and the careers that match. This alone is an invaluable start to the career conversation.


Why Use Psychometric Personality Assessments For Student Career Guidance?

Evidence now demonstrates the significant impact of measuring and developing personality strengths and natural aptitudes for a successful career. Numerous studies have shown that modern psychometric personality assessments like MyCareerMatch are valid predictors of future job performance and career satisfaction.

Psychometric tests are widely used as part of the recruitment and selection process by employers and recruiters. In recruitment, the purpose of a psychometric test is to assess the match between a person and a job. For careers advice, they present a ‘whole person’ approach to career guidance, giving students knowledge about themselves and their strengths, and directing them to careers that use those strengths.

Emerging as a new trend in high schools around the world over the past decade, psychometric career testing has been praised for its ability to help students navigate pathways out of school and into the right career. For schools, colleges and universities, MyCareerMatch provides Teachers and Career Counsellors with an accurate and reliable tool for student career guidance and planning. Ask for a free trial.

Become A Certified MyCareerMatch Practitioner

MyCareerMatch Certification is recommended for Teachers and Careers Counsellors who wish to become Certified MyCareerMatch Practitioners. Although the MyCareerMatch Assessments are self-administered and there is sufficient explanatory information in each report, we recommend you undertake accreditation from The MyCareerMatch Academy.

The MyCareerMatch Academy contains 26 online lessons, which will take you about 3 hours to complete. At the end of your study, you will be asked to take the online exam. On passing, you will be emailed a certificate with your name on it and be acknowledged and registered as a MyCareerMatch Certified Practitioner. This builds pride, loyalty and trust amongst your colleagues, students and their parents.

As a result of completing the MyCareerMatch Online Academy Certification you will:

  • Understand the history and theory behind personality and psychometric testing
  • Describe the nature and scope of personality assessments for career development
  • Learn how personality can impact career decisions
  • Gain an understanding of the MyCareerMatch model of human behaviour
  • Identify key strengths, motivators and ideal careers for each personality type
  • Understand the importance of employability skills in the workplace
  • Get professional insights about resume writing, scholarship applications and job interviews
  • Be able to administer the MyCareerMatch assessment more effectively
  • Become a career personality type expert


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